RELEASE: Edmondson raises over $300,000 in Q2 - Drew Edmondson for Governor RELEASE: Edmondson raises over $300,000 in Q2 - Drew Edmondson for Governor

RELEASE: Edmondson raises over $300,000 in Q2

OKLAHOMA CITY, July 31, 2017 — Just two months after announcing his candidacy, Drew Edmondson has raised more than $300,000 for his gubernatorial campaign.

Edmondson, who announced his bid for governor on May 1, raised $300,211.30 for the fundraising period ending June 30.

Since announcing his candidacy, Edmondson has focused on his record of standing up to abusive out of state corporations during his time as attorney general, an office he held for 16 years until January 2011.

“Our leaders have failed to stand up to corporate special interest lobbyists. Our friends and neighbors and especially our children are paying the price,” Edmondson said. “If the shadows from the tall buildings downtown loom too large over our legislature, as governor, I’ll bring the process into the light of day. Our budget should reflect our priorities. I’m prepared to put a plan in place and let the people vote to restore the revenue we need to fund education, health care and services for seniors, putting Oklahomans first again. Billion dollar corporations shouldn’t be getting a better deal than the average Oklahoman.”

Campaign Manager Mike Clingman said Edmondson’s successful fundraising effort shows support for Edmondson’s message and the record of success he brings to the voters.

“Voters are tired of politics as usual,” Clingman said. “We need someone who is willing to look corporate lobbyists in the eye and tell them that the people come first. Drew has shown that he’ll fight the corporate interests, and just like he did when he took on WorldCom and Big Tobacco as attorney general, he will win. That’s what we hear from people across the state, and that’s why support is so strong for Drew Edmondson’s candidacy.”

Edmondson, a Navy veteran, served as Oklahoma’s attorney general from 1995 to 2011. He is best known for taking on Big Tobacco, including a role on the negotiating team for the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement that prohibited tobacco companies from marketing their products to children. Edmondson led the charge to establish the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust, which constitutionally protected the tobacco settlement money and ensured that it can only be spent on public health. To date, the Tobacco Trust balance stands at more than $1 billion. He has made a career of standing up to big business, including battles against Wall Street fraud and corporate polluters. Learn more at