Opening a window - Drew Edmondson for Governor Opening a window - Drew Edmondson for Governor

Opening a window

Opening a window

Hello, my name is Linda Edmondson. I’m a social worker, mother, very proud grandmother, and, yes, I’m also the wife of that great guy running for Oklahoma governor–Drew Edmondson.

I was born and raised on a farm near Fargo, Oklahoma. My parents were Bert and Margaret Larason. Dad served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and represented Ellis County. I remember vividly how he loved serving the folks of Fargo, Gage, Shattuck and Arnett. My mother taught English and several other subjects at Fargo School.

Dad and Mom taught me how to talk to people, about the impact of the right words spoken or written at the right time. They said that on earth, God’s work is surely up to us. I believe that, and I’ve tried to live a life that reflects that conviction.

It’s why I decided to start this blog. I want it to be a window into the soul of this campaign. I want it to give voice to the many Oklahomans struggling in our state who desperately need advocates fighting and speaking truth to power for them.

Drew and I have been out on the campaign trail all summer. We’ve been listening to Oklahomans’ hopes, their dreams and their ideas for better government, and we’ve heard about their fears, too. These meaningful conversations with new and old friends warm our hearts. But many have brought tears, too.

There are a lot of Oklahomans who are hurting. As I bring their stories to you in the weeks and months ahead, I hope together we can help them and begin the process of getting this state back on track. I also hope this blog will bring attention to the heroes across our state – those brave men and women who are doing God’s work on earth – and that you’ll be inspired to join me in lending them a hand. There are a lot of good things going on in Oklahoma, even in these tough times.

Drew and I are taking our message right to you, to your main streets, neighborhoods, cafes, festivals and parades. But a campaign is a two-way street. Yes, campaigns give voters a chance to hear from the candidate. But Drew and I believe the real value of a campaign is the opportunity it gives us to hear from you – the voters.

So as you read this blog or we see you on Drew’s Take Back Oklahoma Tour this fall, please reach out to us. An email, letter or a post on social media sharing your story would mean a lot. Power to the people is what this campaign, and this blog, is all about.