Resolutions - Drew Edmondson for Governor Resolutions - Drew Edmondson for Governor



Most of my New Year’s resolutions don’t last long. Too ambitious. Too difficult. Or too easy, over and done. But I always make some. It is a time for new beginnings and new efforts to avoid old mistakes. For 2018 my resolutions are as wide as the state and as energized as the people I’ve met everywhere in 2017. All over the state Oklahomans want to change direction.

This past year, just like recent years, we saw failure and scandal at our state Capitol. There were stalemates and ultimatums. Partisanship seemed to be more important than real people’s problems. Passing the buck and ducking from duty were commonplace.

We can resolve to change all that. I have a vision for what change can look like.

We need an economy where all Oklahomans have access to good-paying jobs. Our kids need better-funded schools and our great teachers need increased pay for their hard work. We must make changes so that babies and children have access to doctors and medicine and hospitals close by.

We need leaders who exhibit good character, show the wisdom to understand our problems and the tenacity to make changes. We want leadership that is focused on ordinary people and how to make things better for them. Some politicians are focused on the politics of the next election because they want to keep their job. True leaders are focused on the 2018 election because it is our chance to make a change.

There is a lot of work to be done in this state. There is no doubt we are in a big hole. And while it won’t be quick or easy to move in a new direction, it can be done. We have to resolve to start now. We must resolve to keep the energy building toward the election in November 2018.

This year is crucial—we can’t continue doing things the same way.

So let’s enjoy these last few days of 2017, watch bowl games (or find things to do instead), keep eating holiday leftovers, take down the decorations.

On January 1 we need black-eyed peas for good luck and the biggest New Year’s resolution of all: In 2018, together, we can get going in a new direction. We can take back Oklahoma.