What You Can Do Now - Drew Edmondson for Governor What You Can Do Now - Drew Edmondson for Governor

What You Can Do Now

What You Can Do Now

Every day on the campaign trail, folks tell us they want to help Drew get elected Governor. Nothing is more gratifying! Now that so many candidates have officially filed for office, people are really ready to get active and help change the direction of our state.

Here are some ways to help Drew’s campaign—right now, in no particular order.

  • Go to our website. There, you can sign up to get e-mails, request a yard sign and volunteer. (Oops, I guess you are on our website or you wouldn’t be reading this blog… Well, check the home page to see what else you can do!)
  • Search for us on Facebook, “Drew Edmondson for Governor,” and like our page. This is how you can keep up with where we are going and what we are doing. Every time you “like” a story or picture, or make a comment, it helps our numbers. If you share our posts you can add your own thoughts for your friends to see.
  • You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter too.
  • Be sure your voter registration is up to date. Check on the state Election Board website for information about your registration, your voting place and other details.
  • If you aren’t registered to vote, DO IT NOW! You can find the form at the website listed above. You can also sign up to receive mail-in ballots for the rest of the year. You don’t have to be going out of town or anything—anybody can ask for the ballots to be mailed. That way you have time to study the ballot, especially the state questions (!), and mail it in.
  • Make a plan to vote in the primary election on Tuesday, June 26 and mark your calendar right now for Tuesday, November 6.
  • You can make phone calls for Drew every Tuesday and Thursday evening at our OKC and Tulsa headquarters. We are already knocking doors in OKC and will be soon in Tulsa as well. Call 405-652-1999 for the Oklahoma City office or 918-932-8443 for our Tulsa office if you can help.
  • Email or text a few friends and tell them you are supporting Drew for Governor. Include the link to our website, and ask them to sign up too.
  • Talk to your kids and grandkids about how important the elections are this year. Be sure they are registered to vote when the time comes. Seventeen-year-olds can register if they will be eighteen before the election. A registration form might be a good gift for graduating high school seniors!
  • Contact the campaign and ask for a few window stickers. Put a sticker on your car and share them with your friends. Nothing is more fun than seeing a Drew bumper sticker on a car driven by someone we don’t know!
  • If you can, donate to the campaign. I’ve left this to last because it is hard to ask for money, even when it is for a good cause like electing Drew as Governor. It is easy, safe and secure to donate on our website. All amounts are welcome! Some people choose to sign up for a monthly donation that doesn’t pinch their budget. You can also mail a check and a note to us at: P. O. Box 18922, Oklahoma City, OK 73154. We’d love to hear from you!

You can probably think of other things that can help us get the word out about Drew’s campaign. Your personal contact with your friends, however you choose to do it, is so important. The enthusiasm is building and you can help! One final thing – thank you so much.

Drew for Oklahoma