McCARVILLE REPORT: Primary Primer; Democratic Nomination for Governor - Drew Edmondson for Governor McCARVILLE REPORT: Primary Primer; Democratic Nomination for Governor - Drew Edmondson for Governor

McCARVILLE REPORT: Primary Primer; Democratic Nomination for Governor

The McCarville Report presents the 2018 Primary Primer series. These features will take a look at the nomination races for the statewide elected seats. We are taking an excerpt from each candidate’s website (or social media account/public statements if they don’t have a website) and adding a link back to the candidate’s page. The candidates appear in the order they are listed on the Oklahoma State Election Board’s List of Elections.

Remember to vote in the June 26, 2018 Oklahoma primary elections.

Drew Edmondson

Drew Edmondson is a former Oklahoma Attorney General and the last Democrat to hold the position before Republicans took all of the statewide elected offices. You can read his plan to help stimulate the state’s economy below.

To grow our economy out of this mess, the governor must work with private industry and lead our state in economic development:

  • Work with existing companies to expand operations and help recruit new businesses to come to Oklahoma. Right now, Oklahoma is telling a story of retreat and closed schools, not opportunity and a new era of progress.
  • Work with every county on economic development, not just in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Rural counties are losing family farms and rural hospitals are shutting down.
  • Focus on maximizing our return on investment. No more waste, corruption or inefficiency. All budgets will have zero-based budgeting, streamlining of executive positions and a robust whistleblower program.
  • Staff the Department of Commerce with experienced business professionals who will drive development. No more appointments based on contributions or cronyism.
  • Promote public-private partnerships, and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.


Connie Johnson

Connie Johnson is a former Oklahoma Senator who is known for her attempts to legalize medicinal marijuana while serving in the Legislature. She has outlined her plan for the state budget and revenue in the excerpt from her website below.

The State of Oklahoma is in the midst of a critical revenue failure that impacts every facet of our society. Without responsible fiscal management and adequate revenue generation, our state cannot function properly. Balancing the budget on the backs of poor and middle-class citizens is neither wise nor just. Unless we address the budget crisis, our other priorities cannot succeed.

  • Look beyond our current crisis and fix the structural deficits of our budget.
  • End the practice of balancing the state budget through the use of one-time revenues.

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