Prepared Statement of David Boren - Drew Edmondson for Governor Prepared Statement of David Boren - Drew Edmondson for Governor

Prepared Statement of David Boren

Prepared Statement of David Boren:

This election for governor is one of the most important elections in the history of our state.

The future of Oklahoma is at risk. We must make the right choice to turn things around. That is why I am today endorsing Drew Edmondson for Governor. I urge all Oklahomans regardless of party to support Drew and bring desperately needed change to our state. We must turn things around before it is too late.

We all recognize the severe challenges facing our schools. We are going downhill fast. In just a few years, we have gone from 32 emergency-certified teachers in our classrooms to more than 2,100. Earlier this year, when our teachers stood up for better funding for our children, Drew stood shoulder-to-shoulder with them. He understands that when our schools are neglected, we face serious consequences as a state beyond the classroom.

Investors who can create better jobs and economic development have choices about where to locate. They are not going to select states with failing grades in health care and education.

Talented young people who are deciding where to live and where to start their families will not choose to invest their lives in a place that does not adequately fund good schools for their children to attend. If we don’t act, we face a brain drain that will cripple Oklahoma.

If we are to succeed as a state, we must invest in ourselves. It’s investment time in Oklahoma. Drew Edmondson has both the good judgment and political courage to make those critical investments in our future.

We cannot afford to take a chance. There is no margin for error. We need to elect someone who has a proven track record for standing up to special interests and getting the right things done for Oklahomans. Drew Edmondson has such a record. As attorney general, he stood up to the big tobacco companies and built a multimillion-dollar trust fund for our state to help fight cancer and build one of the finest cancer centers in the nation in Oklahoma. He stood up to the out-of-state corporations that were polluting our rivers. Drew Edmondson never hesitates to stand up for Oklahomans.

We don’t have to guess about the kind of governor Drew would be. Drew Edmondson is exactly what we need. There is no time to waste. We cannot afford to wait to stop four-day school weeks. We cannot afford to wait as more rural hospitals close. We cannot afford to wait as our talented young people leave our state.

We must come together and fight for our state’s future. Oklahoma is a special place. It’s worth the fight. Let’s elect Drew Edmondson our next governor.