One month away: Here's how you can help - Drew Edmondson for Governor One month away: Here's how you can help - Drew Edmondson for Governor

One month away: Here’s how you can help

One month away: Here’s how you can help

In February I posted a story here about a man I met in Sequoyah County who told me he was hoping to vote for Drew. He had asked for an absentee ballot for all the elections this year in case he couldn’t get to the polls. He told me he had cancer and the doctors were not sure how long he had to live.

We heard from him the other day. He got his absentee ballot for the November 6 election, voted it, got it notarized, and mailed it in. He has voted. There are tears in my eyes as I’m writing this. Thank you, sir!

Everywhere we go on the campaign trail people ask what they can do to help Drew get elected. I’ve made a list. Turnout is going to give us the victory, so everything we are doing is aimed at getting our supporters to vote.

Here are some things you can do now to help us win in November:

1. Be sure you are registered to vote and your registration is up to date. Check on the State Election Board website, for all the information.

2. If you are not registered, you must do so by October 12! You cannot register on Election Day; you have to do it by the 12th. Don’t wait!

3. Be sure your family and friends are registered and their information is up to date. Help those you know who support Drew make a plan to vote. That plan starts with checking their registration.

4. If you want to vote early by mail your request for an absentee ballot must be received at your county election board by 5:00 on Wednesday, October 31. You do not have to be out of town or sick to use an absentee ballot—anybody can ask for a ballot to be mailed to them. And you can still vote in person on Election Day if you don ‘t use your mail ballot.

5. Tell others about Drew’s campaign by calling, emailing, texting, messaging, or writing to them. Ask them to join you on our social media and share our posts. We are on Facebook at Drew Edmondson for Governor, Twitter @DrewForOklahoma and Instagram.

6. If you are a Republican, or you have Republican friends supporting Drew (there are thousands!), we have a special Facebook page, RepublicansforEdmondson. Look for the OklahomaParents&EducatorsforEdmondson page too.

7. Volunteer to help us in the coming days—You can make calls, knock on doors, put out yard signs, help at our offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Call 405-652-1999 in OKC and 918-932-8443 in Tulsa for more information. In other towns and cities look for the county Democratic headquarters—that’s where you can find our volunteers and materials.

8. One final thing: If you can, please donate to our campaign. My friend in Sequoyah County has voted but hundreds of thousands of others haven’t and many of them are undecided. We can reach them through volunteer efforts I’ve listed above, but another way to communicate our message is on television. That costs lots of money! You can donate online at our website or you can mail a check and a note with all your contact information to Drew for Oklahoma, P. O. Box 18922, Oklahoma City, OK 73154.

One final note—Drew and I have met so many wonderful people on this “Two-Way Street” that is the campaign trail. We listen, and we talk about Drew’s vision for a better state. I know there are many of you we may never get to talk to but you share our vision and our determination. You are working to win this race in so many ways and Drew and I say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.