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Fiction: Drew wants to raise the income tax

Fact: Drew does NOT support raising any income taxes.

Drew is opposed to raising any taxes on working Oklahoma families. To fund public education, Drew has a common-sense, honest plan that’s supported by Republicans, Democrats and Independents:

    • Restore the gross production tax to its previous rate of 7 percent
    • Eliminate the capital gains exemption for millionaires
    • Raise the price of a pack of cigarettes by .50, which will provide a boost to our budget and keep kids from smoking.

Here’s what Jerry Johnson, former vice chair of the Oklahoma Tax Commission, had to say about this misleading ad:

“I served for 17 years as Vice-Chairman of the Oklahoma Tax Commission under Governors of both parties. The attack ad against Drew Edmondson alleging his plan increases income tax rates is just plain false. I looked at Drew’s tax proposal carefully — and he has NO increase in income tax rates. His tax plan restores the Gross Production Tax to 7% on horizontally drilled wells, it repeals a capital gains tax loophole that mainly benefits taxpayers making over $1 million per year, and increases the tobacco tax by 50 cents a pack.

When you contrast Drew’s plan with Kevin Stitt’s plan to allow local jurisdictions to raise additional property taxes it appears that Drew has the only reasonable option to help Oklahoma recover from the budget hole we have found ourselves in too often during the last four years.”

Jerry Johnson formerly served as director for the Oklahoma Senate fiscal staff. He was also appointed vice chair of the Oklahoma Tax Commission, where he served for 17 years, by former Gov. Frank Keating.”