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Independent voters everywhere (especially in Tulsa) need to see that Kevin Stitt will bring four more years of Mary Fallin-style partisanship and chaos — but it will be even worse. Stitt’s company, Gateway Mortgage, has been sued dozens of times and banned in several states for serious violations including mortgage fraud [1]. Business Insider magazine even listed Stitt’s company among the Top 15 Shadiest Lenders for its role in issuing subprime mortgages which helped trigger the financial collapse of 2008 [2]. Stitt’s greed hurt working people. We can’t trust him to run our state.

Independent voters everywhere (especially in Tulsa) need to see that Kevin Stitt’s tax plan would hit families: it urges municipalities to INCREASE property taxes. Instead of ending the special tax break for oil and gas companies to fix our schools, Stitt will put the burden on working families, seniors and farmers. Stitt even said he would have vetoed the teacher pay raise. Stitt will just protect the same corporate interests as Mary Fallin, not Oklahomans.

Non-college educated independent women under 60 need to read that only one candidate can be trusted to fix our schools — former teacher, Drew Edmondson. Drew supports pay raises for teachers so experienced teachers don’t move to other states, reducing class sizes and expanded pre-Kindergarten. Kevin Stitt opposed the teacher pay raise that was supported by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents [3]. Stitt opposed making new investments in our classrooms, and he’s offered no new ideas for how to improve our schools. Kevin Stitt would rather give us four more years of underfunded schools and education policies that hurt our children than do what’s necessary to make our schools work again.

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