Why I'm Running - Drew Edmondson for Governor Why I'm Running - Drew Edmondson for Governor

Why I’m Running


The Oklahoma way of life is under attack.

Outside, corporate interests have drained the wealth from our communities. Lousy trade deals have decimated manufacturing, and good jobs are harder and harder to find. Foreign corporations have bought our farmland, polluted our land and water and consolidated and eliminated many of our businesses that help us thrive.

And while large corporations on Wall Street are seeing record profits, Oklahomans are seeing their paychecks cut, their businesses closing, and their schools, roads and communities declining.

We know that when big corporations and the wealthy don’t pay their fair share it shortchanges our schools, our services for veterans and our health care for seniors.

And the politicians that are supposed to represent us, to fix this? They have been bought off by the same powerful interests that have brought us here.

We don’t need another four years with leaders who are so caught up in the demands of corporate lobbyists that they can’t see the real issues facing real Oklahomans.

We don’t need more special tax breaks for the powerful large corporations. We need to make sure working families have money in their pockets to spend here in Oklahoma. That is how to grow jobs and our economy.

I’m running to take on Wall Street, take on the powerful, take on our legislature, take on anyone–from either party–that isn’t putting the people of Oklahoma first.

I’ve done it my whole life. I was fortunate to serve as Oklahoma’s Attorney General for 16 years, and I made it my mission to protect everyday Oklahomans. When foreign corporations polluted our land and water, we made them stop. When Wall Street and Big Tobacco ripped off hard-working Oklahoma families, I made them pay for it.

I’ve done it before, and I’m ready to lead this fight now. I don’t care what your party is or who you voted for for President. If you care about our state and want to stand-up to the outsiders who every day are trying to hurt our way of life for their own profit, then I hope you will join me. If you care about leveling the playing field for working people and protecting our schools, our health care, our seniors, and the next generation of Oklahomans, then I hope you will stand with me.

Read more about why I’m running and what my plans as Governor are in our new flipbook! Download the PDF below.